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Sponsored Post: Universities Roommates Finder – Peercribs.com


Peercribs is a dedicated platform that enables students find trustworthy roommates across all major institutes of higher learning. We pride ourselves in aiding people find the best roommates that match their personalities, with ease.

 Finding a roommate on peercribs.com saves you time and the process is as easy as anything you can get.


With these few steps highlighted below, you can find a roommate to split your rent with.




This process involves you signing up (i.e if you have a room but need a roommate) but in a case where you just want to search for a roommate without having a room of your own, you don’t have to sign up. Simply select your institution and gender, then click on find.



If you have a room already but need a roommate to split rent with, then create your listing.


NOTE: You can only create a listing after you must have signed up.

Creating a listing is very easy and direct. After creating your listing, relax and expect a call or message from your potential roommate.



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